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So Im finaly updating because I have like half a hour before class… - all that is gold, does not glitter — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Oct. 28th, 2005|12:35 pm]
[mood |quixoticquixotic]
[music |whats quixotic mean? lol]

So Im finaly updating because I have like half a hour before class and I'm bored. And I'm hungry. I want some steak because our speaker in 600 (which is a total waste of time btw and wayyy too early in the morning) was talking about beef and had pictures and it looked soo good. I had my internship presentation yesterday and it went really well. Except this one girl was like "if you didnt have ne experience with livestock, y would you wanna go out there?" Umm...cuz i wanted to? wierd question lol.

My rats are getting HUGE...and kinda fat lol. They haven't learned any tricks yet cuz I dunno how to teach them... Oh and Sage's fave toy is DEF a tampon. Thanx Holly lol-i dunno how I'll explain that one... but you take it away and she comes back over and steals it back. she's liek that with pens too

We went to a costume party last weekend-it was a lot of fun... I dressed as a cowgirl cuz i already had almost everythign I needed. Oh and i got told my chinks were hot, which made my day lol. I love those things-theyre so comfortable...but suchh a pain to take on/off lol. Holly was a beer wench and Jill was a pirate. And if we get around to it today well hang up spiderweb so our house is decorated for holloween but i dunno if that'll acutally happen.

yeah so this post has no point except to waste time for me:)

and i really wish I knew A) when I was getting info about interviewing for vet school, and B) what I was doing next summer..oh and C) what Im doing over winter break/how/if I'll get to visit everyone...

Oh and this winter I'm def taking a breaking and training class..I get to train a horse how sweet is that?:) I'm so excited..

Ok its finally time to head to class so later all