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Happy Belated Thanksgiving everyone... so we went to see my cousins… - all that is gold, does not glitter — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Nov. 27th, 2005|12:31 am]
[music |light my candle]

Happy Belated Thanksgiving everyone...

so we went to see my cousins in chicago for thanksgiving. it was fun- not too cold and I saw Rent with Michael. Great movie-I forgot how much i loved the soundtrack. And because I suck at musicals, I got soooooooo much more of the plot from the movie lol.

I had a ton of stuff I'd been thinking about, but forgot as soon as I started to type-of course lol. If I rememeber later I might post it.

One week of class left-YAY! Then finals and home I guess cuz maybe Airway will need help-I wanna make some money over break I hate only spending it. Thank god WY paid well...acutaly..we made like $4/hour but there wasn't much out there to spend money on so I saved up more than Ive norm. been able to lol.

MY VET SCHOOL INTERVIEW IS IN TWO DAYS...I'm nervous but excited too. I"m sooooooo gonna kick ass. All I want for christmas is a letter telling me I got into vet school. Seriously. I can't think of anythign I really want which is kinda odd for me. Money, obv. but I hate asking for that. And it'd be awesome if grandma painted me somethign but I'd feel kinda odd asking for that too. umm... maybe a saddle but my summer plans are wayyyyyy up in the air. So..if you read this, pray for me. Cuz I've heard interviews are really tough and its like the most important interview I've ever had. Acutally it is lol.