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prob time to update huh [Jan. 8th, 2006|11:24 pm]
so it's been forever and then some. I got into vet school (the next day, lol)!!!!! So I'm starting next fall-i'm soooo excited. Bryan got in and I just found out Erin did too, so I'll know two other people at least:) I really want a OSU vet med hoodie...lol

Christmas break was good-I worked at Airway which was fun for a couple days but then got kinda old. The docs were really cool tho-they kept giving me tips for vet school (well and Dr. McM kept telling me to become a orthodontis instead, haha). I went to MD to see everyone. It was wierd how not-wierd it felt. I hadn't seen everyone for a year, but somehow it didn't matter. I guess when you know someone for almost forever (ie since elementary school) a year's not that long..lol. I got to meet KT's BF-he's cool. And Beck's in Belgium now which is wierd. Came back up to Cbus for New Years and the Bowl game.

We're a week into classes, and its gonna rock. I LOVE my breaking and training class- My horse is Flash and it's soooo much fun. I've learned a ton already. On the first day I was terrified when Flash started acting up, and now I'm calm the whole time I'm working with him. I can see some improvement too. He's a fun horse. Biochem=not so much fun, physiology=ok. Music=reallllllly odd piano teacher.

umm...what else?...I saw Brokeback mountain and it was AWESOME. I mean really, two HOT cowboys (esp. Heath Ledger...mmm)-how can you get any better? Good story too. I also went to NYOH's with Tim on thur, which was a blast. I just wish I knew how to acutally line dance, lol.

Oh and TOP told me they may have found a placement for me... I hope I find out soon...

"i'm going to go ahead and go boldly because a little bird told me
that jumping is easy, that falling is fun
up until you hit the sidewalk, shivering and stunned"
~ani difranco

lol I love those lyrics-I def. keep doing that-jumping because 'why not?' and its fun, and I wanna try everything once. I'm too damned gung-ho sometimes. And then most of the time it is fun, at least when I look back later. But there is that time when u hit ground and it's not so fun nemore...I'm tired of that. I want something softer to fall on.
Or maybe if I'm a little more careful/take things a lil more slowly I won't hit the sidewalk at all... ? I feel like I'm falling softly right now, which i think is good.

*end introspective and confusing even to myself sideline*..lol i was listenign to the song and it reminded me of something i was thinking of a bit ago.

ok, so I'm starting to drift..prob time to sign off...peace all!