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So I never seem to update unless somethings bothering me..lol.… - all that is gold, does not glitter [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jan. 30th, 2006|09:56 pm]
So I never seem to update unless somethings bothering me..lol. However, most of the time life is good. Flash is doing great-no problems mounting, and he's doing really well with becoming soft to commands and turning/sidepassing/... We start loping tommorrow-I'm excited. I'm also working out 3-4x/week, which is good. I wanna lose weight, but I'm not eating healthily along with exercising, so I haven't lost any yet. Oh well, it def. makes you feel healthier at least.

Holly and my Flordia trip is booked!! We're driving down to FL, to disney world, over spring break:):) I'm really excited.

AND I'm def gonna get a tattoo spring quarter. Who woulda thought? lol. Still no definite word about the UK-I don't knwo when to give up and call paint rock to go back to WY (which I would love to do too, I just feel like I should get overseas if I can). So that's a little stressful.

And as for what's bothering me, it's a guy. Like always. I'm really getting sick of caring one way or the other, btw. I just don't understand how a guy will give all the "I'm intersted" signals, and I'll give them back (I try at least, lol) and then bam, all of a sudden he stops talking to me. Like...wtf?? I would never do that to someone. I'd tell them I wasn't intersted, or at least some "Im not lookign for a relationship right now because of yada yada" bullshit. So..the question is...what am I doing wrong?
I'd like to believe it's not anything I'm doing, but its just a matter of losing interest. And I'm gonna believe that, cuz if someone dosn't want me the way I am, fuck them.

I'm seriously getting sick of this shit... which is acutally prob a good thing. I'm tired of letting someone else dictate how I'm feeling that day. I've had fun with the guy in question. And I thought we got along well, yada yada. If he wants to call me, he will. And I'm interested, and I'll let him know and it could lead to something. If he dosn't...well...he dosn't want to.

Oh and I have a theory, that part of the reason people get bummed out when someone stops calling/talking/whatever is not that they reallly liked the person and wanted them and are sad it didn't work out, but that it hurts to think that their judgment/intuition/whatever is off enough that they fell for that person or didn't see it coming....

ok enough venting. Hope everyone's having a good quarter/semester for wierdo's on semester systems....lol

[User Picture]From: veredmimi
2006-02-01 10:36 pm (UTC)
A TATTOO?????????

....please...full story- now!
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