all that is gold, does not glitter

not all those who wander are lost

14 March
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If you're reading this you prob. already know me...but anyways, I'm a 20 year old OSU student. I'm animal sciences/pre vet (farm majors lol) and am in my second year...but am technically a junior credit wise. I studied abroad in Australia and LOVED it. I also took a surfing lesson while there, which was soo much fun. And Aussie food, like Tim Tams (cookies) and Victoria Bitter (VB, beer) rocks. I'm going to work on a cattle ranch in Wyoming this summer, which is kinda hilarous. AND I'm living in a apartment next year (wohoo) and can have a pet:) lol. Umm...I'm origionally from Maryland which ROCKS and I don't liek Dayton. Or O. chem, or Bush. But I LOVE Columbus and OSU. GO BUCKS!